Heads up in the clouds? Flying is cool but terrifying

Heads up in the clouds? Flying is cool but terrifying

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Anyone who’s ever been up in the sky in an airplane knows that the sight can be breathtaking. The marvel of just being able to have such a contraption that can do so is a mystical thing in itself and quite a feat. I’ve always found airplanes really cool and love watching them take off the ground, yet while in one? Complete. Anxiety.

While airplanes are cool and I really like them, they’re kind of scary, even terrifying with all the things we know about them, especially in my generation. Many of people my age grew up knowing all the incidents surrounding the winged-mobiles and grew a sense of mistrust when thinking about going on a flight.

It is still worth it and travel goes by much much quicker, but they still can make me feel rather uneasy when starting out on a vacation.

Though they also have an impact on the carbon footprint that should be considered. While they have less of an emissions rate than cars, there are also a lot less people going in planes every day than cars. And the idea that planes could hurt our planet greatly is also a bit scary.

But, who knows? Maybe someday we won’t have to worry about air travel at all. For now, I think it’s safe to say that airplanes are terrifying and really cool simultaneously.