Red grapes or green grapes?

Red grapes or green grapes?

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

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Red grapes or green grapes? That is the real question–and a very important one. As an avid fruit-eater, I love enjoying the sweetness of different fruits. But if there is one thing I would rather not eat…it’s red grapes. My dislike of red grapes cannot just be linked to the color that they are, as I love the deep red/purple, but rather the consistency and taste of them is what makes green grapes far more captivating to me.

It seems as though every time I try a red grape it is mushy, way too sweet, and leaves a tangy aftertaste in my mouth. From a young age, I have tried red grapes over and over, and each time I catch myself disliking them even more. Trying them either at school or home was pointless, as I never grew fond of them. The small size and the way they quickly get old really diminishes any desire to eat them that I could possibly have. The petite size of the red grapes are a deterrent for me because typically small grapes are more susceptible to being mushy or soft. When I pick up a grape, I do not want it to be squishy at all–and whenever I pick up a red grape it is always mushy and nasty. When getting a green grape, however, most of the time it still has its shape and is a nice, plump piece of fruit. I like how green grapes have a slight crunch because that assures me that the grapes are not too soft, unlike the red grapes.

Being squishy and overly ripe makes it so the red grapes spoil much faster than the large green ones. That also means that they need eaten fairly quickly, which isn’t always practical. I like to be able to take a few grapes in my lunch every so often, and I don’t want to feel rushed to finish them like I do when eating the red grapes. Whether it be the vitamins/minerals within the green grapes, or something else, their more substantial feel is what I am looking for in a grape. I would prefer to be able to have a longer-lasting grape, like green, that I can eat at my leisure.

One last thing about red grapes that I don’t like is the fact that they are too sweet. Now, I am definitely not a sour food-lover, but I do not like my grapes to be so sweet that it makes me crinkle my nose up. I do not like it when I eat a grape and feel like I can still taste the sweetness of it hours later. I like the green grape taste because although it may be a little bit more sour, it still has a sweet taste that can satisfy your grape cravings.

Overall, green grapes are a much more superior fruit than red grapes because of the much better consistency, much better taste, and much better shelf-life. The pros of green grapes outweigh the pros of red grapes much more in my opinion. So what are you…team red or team green?