Park Cats

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

A couple of years ago I met a strange woman and she had long hair down to her knees. She was in the park feeding stray cats and knew all of their names despite there being plenty. I watched her pour some milk in a bowl for a group of kittens and they all ran around her as she poured the milk. I approached her and asked if I could pick up a cat and she said yes. She then handed me Tommy and told me he was the sweetest cat. She was right! 

Three years later, Tommy is now my pet cat! Sometimes I take him on walks to the park and I let him hang out with the other stray cats. A couple of months ago, the old woman quit showing up. I hope she is all right. I keep her in my wishes. I have taken on the role of the cat feeder and have developed some nice relationships with other park goers. 

It breaks my heart, but me and Tommy will be moving to another state this summer. I wish I could bring all of the park cats with me, but there is not enough room, so the orange tabby I have now will have to do. I hope I can find someone else to become the cat feeder, or better yet, find good homes for all of the cats.