Nerve-racking situations can help individuals grow

Nerve-racking situations can help individuals grow

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Doing any type of audition and getting judged is very nerve-racking to say the least. Getting scored on ability, musicality, or any other type of skill can be very stressful. Especially because the score you received is then compared to others and placed from the highest to eventually the lowest. Finally, your ranking determines whether or not you made the cut off for certain things.

Auditioning for anything seems pretty simple. You prepare ahead of time, go to the audition, and then your part is done. However, this statement is easier said than done. When in the audition room the judges have their score papers in front of them, and the room is silent to the point that you could hear a needle hit the floor. Once in the reality of the audition the nerves start setting in, the judges are patiently waiting to hear you begin, and the pressure is on you to fill the silent room with sound. Before beginning it is important to look over what you are going to do, and take a deep breath to reassure yourself that you are capable of doing this audition. Once stepping out of the room, there is a sigh of relief that the hard part is over, but then the waiting game has begun until the final results have been released.

Personally, I have many experiences when it comes to auditions in the music field. This is my third year in a row that I have auditioned for a PMEA festival. Before the festival begins, or once it starts, it is required for students to audition to determine who is going to advance on to the region and state level. When preparing for these type of auditions, it takes many weeks to a couple of months to prepare the repertoire. Then the night before the festival it’s hard to sleep, and it can be challenging to pay attention in school the day of if you leave during or after the school day. After auditions and chair placements are announced, the festival is in full swing, and a couple long days of practice are ahead before the concert.

Although auditions of any type seem scary, and they can absolutely be miserable, there are some positives that can come out of the situation. By being judged and critiqued, the comments given can help better someone. They could grow as a musician or carry themselves different in society due to the comments given. Growth in an individual is very important, and in order to be able to do that they must go outside their comfort zone and do things that make them anxious, uncomfortable, and nervous at times. In the moment it might seem to be the worst time of your life, but in the long run of things, it serves to better you as an individual.