Poem #2

Poem #2

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Was potential squandered away in the shadows of shirked responsibility?

In repeated patterns of scrapped ideas,

Thoughts of brilliance and beauty atrophied and dwindled to none?

In the wake of a technological renaissance what matters in the mind’s ability?

Under all things that once laid so wonderful in heads is left in whirring hums.

Fears canceled out in the focus of expanse, but by what cost?

Nothing left on shoulders except empty apathetic enhanced conformity.

All is lost.

Nothing of what was once mountains and fields.

Fears run in rampage to an open door of possible endeavoring horrors.

Under the signs of heaven to a god that now yields?

In the slumber of new creation and nothing left for endeavoring explorers,

Was it in the thoughts or under rule of our fears that we let nothing become all,

Nothing become fear in our absence and gleeful abandon.

For when was it that we stopped believing in tomorrow?