My pretty average life

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

From the time I was born my life has always been pretty average.  I’ve haven’t had any traumas nor lots of excitement.  Although that sounds boring, I am very thankful for my life.  I went to a Catholic school until I was in fourth grade.  I made some good friends and earned good grades despite my dyslexia.  Having dyslexia at a school that did not understand me was a challenge.  In fifth grade public school turned out to be much better for me. 

Adapting to public school was a big shift, but after a couple months, I was able to adjust despite being a little different from everyone else. Middle school was pretty good, as far as middle school goes. I did dance and spent all my time at the studio. With whatever extra time I had, I was doing homework or getting sleep. With a tight schedule, I didn’t spend a lot of time with friends but managed to make time for them on the weekends. 

Since entering high school, some things have changed. I quit dance and started roller derby, power lifting, and even took up diving this year. My grades haven’t been perfect like they were in past years, but I feel like with all the stuff changing recently, I think it’s hard to keep them as stable as they once were.