Black History Month

Celebrate now and all year long


Rachael Hajec, Editor

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, is an annual celebration of all African Americans to recognize their roles and achievements along with their bravery, integrity, and leadership skills as they continue to struggle through racism and adversity. It was officially recognized in the United States and Canada, but more recently noticed by other countries, including Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

In the late nineteenth century, Americans decided to celebrate Black History Month in February because of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which is February 12, 1809, and Frederick Douglass, who was an abolitionist and a former slave himself, who was born on February 14. As the years have gone by, there are many ways to celebrate and recognize the African American community in a positive way.

Since the African American community is still excluded in some ways today. According to an article from the NAACP there is a list of twenty eight ways that anyone can assist and be a part of the celebration for Black History Month. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Support an African American Business
  2. Donate to a Black organization
  3. Read a book by a Black author
  4. Call out racism and prejudice in your community
  5. Attend or host a Black culture event in your community
  6. Engage in healthy conversations about Black history on social media
  7. Decorate your home with African American art
  8. Write a Black children’s book
  9. Research Black history
  10. Register to vote

As people assist their community and rejoice together as a whole human race, some people may not be aware that no matter what race or ethnicity a person is, anyone can, and should, celebrate Black History Month. As times have changed there has been been many past and present African American leaders who have spoken about the recognition (positive and negative) received about their community. Based on an article from America House, there are many examples of popular past role models from the Black community, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Du Bois, Jackie Robinson, and many more to discuss what they have done for the Black community. Also, in today’s world as the laws and citizens of America have changed, we have leaders such as Kamala Harris, Rosalind Brewer, Dr. Corbett , Victor Glover Jr, Amanda Gorman, and so many more, all of African American descent. (This recent article from CNBC explains who they are, what they do, and gives even more examples of phenomenal leaders in today’s world.)

Overall, Black History Month is a month full of celebration, love, and light to give to all African Americans everywhere; however, even though this time of recognition is only specifically stated for the one month of February, it is appreciated and recommended that everyone stands up for the community all year round. While learning from past African American leaders, and making even bigger and better changes with the new ones, people are able to appreciate, help, and try to understand what they go through. By following the list above, doing some research, and supporting all things that are related to African American culture, everyone can make a change and make every month a celebration of Black History.