Adorable Amira


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

Meet three-year-old-pup-at-heart, Amira. Amira’s dad is a golden retriever, and her mom is a blue tick heeler. I met Amira as a little fluffy puppy 3 years ago and instantly fell in love. In February of 2018, I got to officially call her mine. Ever since that day, she’s been my biggest supporter and best cuddler. Though she may be grown, she is still the same puppy I brought home.

When she’s not busy chasing the cats or barking at inanimate objects, she loves to snuggle up next to me for a nice, long nap. And like most dogs, treats are her absolute favorite, so every time she hears the treat bag she is the first one running in. Winter is Amira’s favorite time of the year. Her nice thick fur can be put to use, and she loves to put on a show, rolling around and barking in the snow. And of course, she always expects some cuddles to warm up afterwards. Long walks are nice, too, because then she can run around and greet all the new people she sees.

Amira has an older brother, Gronk, and though they are very cute, they also enjoy stirring up some chaos together. Admittedly, I can never stay mad at Amira for very long. She’s a bit dramatic, to say the least, so if she thinks for a second that someone is mad at her, she immediately uses her big brown eyes as her defense. It’s nearly impossible to stay upset with her. She’s the glue to our family, and everyone absolutely adores her. I’m so excited to spend many more years learning, loving, and maturing with her.