Coffee vs Tea


Rachael Hajec, Editor

It’s early in the morning and I am getting ready for school. My morning routine consists of changing my clothes, doing a skin care routine, making breakfast, and having, in my opinion, the most perfect drink to pair it with…coffee. Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed the taste of coffee and the energy boost it immediately gives me. One of the most common things I do is go to Tim Horton’s, or drive all the way to Erie to get Starbucks, and purchase a delicious (overpriced) cup of coffee just to start my day. Whether it is hot or iced, it is always a much better option than any flavor of tea.

Tea has never been one of my favorite drinks even though there are endless amounts of flavors. Mint, vanilla, ginger, hibiscus, blueberry, raspberry, earl grey, chai, and so much more. While coffee and water are my two main beverages, the only kinds of tea I have tasted are chai, herbal, ginger, mint, and any throat-soothing teas. Any time that I lost my voice or got a sore throat I would try to do anything else but drink tea, even while knowing that it would help immensely. Finally, I would give in, drink the tea, yet plug my nose so I wouldn’t taste it and so I wouldn’t feel nauseous.

While I continue my addiction to coffee, and disgust for tea, each drink has some pros and cons that can make it difficult for others to choose between the two. As a person who only drinks iced coffee (even during the winter) I  realize that a nice, hot cup of tea can benefit a person’s throat, body, and mind. However, coffee easily improves my overall mood, energy level, and has even gotten rid of my headaches or eye strain. With this, even though I love coffee, sometimes it can give me a stomachache especially if I have not eaten anything. As I ignore this small con and stay away from any tea, I will continue to drink my iced coffee and defend its honor forever.