The troubled girl

Lindsey Mitchell, reporter

In a life alone time ago, there was this girl named Brambly. Brambly was the girl who no one was allowed to hang out with because she was always in trouble. She failed all of her classes and never had a friend to ever talk to. She rebelled when teachers gave work and refused to do it. Or so everyone thought.

One day there was a new girl in school and Brambly was trying to make friends with her because she didn’t know anything about her and no one could tell her lies. Everyone bullied her, but she was always quiet. Then one day a student found out that she doesn’t have time to do work. Brambly supports her two sisters because her mom is no longer in the picture. After school she works until three in the morning trying to provide for her family, comes home, showers and then goes to sleep and then does it all again the next day.

One day after school she decided to go get some food at the gas station before she went to work. She bought a lottery ticket and won a million dollars. The future looked up for her and her family. She started doing great in school and made a great life for her sisters and lived happily ever after.