The computer accident

Lindsey Mitchell, reporter

Once upon a time there was this little ice cream shop in PA. This ice cream shop was in the middle of town. That day happened to be very busy and hot. There was a little girl that just left the ice cream shop. Her cone was melting a little, but she was handling it.

There was an older gentleman sitting on his computer doing work and enjoying the sun. No one thought anything about it. It’s what people do, but then a boy riding a bike ran into the little girl causing her ice cream cone to go on the man’s computer. The boy kept going, the little girl crying and apologizing, and the man yelling because his computer was ruined.

Once the girl and man calmed down the man was not mad. He knew it wasn’t her fault. She gave him all the money she had to get a new computer, but he wouldn’t take it. Later that day the boy on the bike got in trouble and was later made to get the man a new computer.