A winter memory

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

As we are in the middle of winter, people become irritated with the snow and just want it to go away for the year. At the beginning of the season, it is something that most people adore because on cold mornings on the drive to work/school/etc. the trees are so beautiful covered in a fresh coat of snow. However, the feeling soon changes after a few snowstorms hit, and some develop cabin fever from being cooped up all winter. Although winter may seem like the worst season, there are some perks that can come from it, and it can only happen at this time of year. For example, sled riding and snowmobiling can only be done in the winter, and going out doing these activities make some memories that will last a lifetime. Personally, this year’s winter has created some memories for myself.

About a month ago when the snow was good enough to ride snowmobiles on, we hit the trails. It was going well, we all were staying together as a group, and staying safe. We were cruising down the road and my sled started acting weird. It would slow down, nearly shut off, and then take back off just like nothing had happened. This happened a few times but then it just completely stopped, and shut off. My brother and dad were behind me so they stopped to see what happened. Then all the others came back to see what the hold up was. They popped the hood to inspect the motor and stuff and could not see anything wrong. Trying to start it was not possible because the string was locked up. As a result, we left it there, I hopped on and rode home with someone, and then they took a truck to go get it after we made it home.

The next day it was discovered that a hose from the oil reservoir was not connected to where it needed to be. So essentially the motor and all the parts did not receive oil. Since there was no oil, friction was generated, and it blew up the motor. Luckily, this situation did not turn out to be worse than it could have been. Nobody was hurt, and the sled is fixable. Although this is not a “happy” memory, it is one that I will always remember because it was my first time driving on the trails and I blew up a snowmobile.