A delicious slice of “Mystic Pizza”

A delicious slice of Mystic Pizza

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

A quite charming movie from the late eighties that I recently watched for the first time was “Mystic Pizza.” It is about three young waitresses at their local pizzeria and their lives over the course of the movie. I like how the movie ended and that it wasn’t just a basic fairy tale ending, it felt that as much as it was imaginary, that it had many realistic elements too. I really enjoyed how the plot played out.

The acting in the movie was pretty strong across the board, and it didn’t get dry or wooden. The actions of  the characters felt authentic through the acting and I think that made the plot a great deal more believable. The characters themselves had some weird motives at points, but the way they were presented by the actors also made the motives feel like they might be real people.

I liked the cinematography throughout it as well. There weren’t many shots that felt like they stuck out, the transitions felt smooth, and they seemed to fit the context of the film. There were only a few things that felt unnecessary the first watch-through, but by the end of the movie they all made sense on why they made the final cut. The movie may not be one that I’d watch a ton, but it’s definitely a fine wine, and in some ways I think it would be more of an acquired taste in enjoying the subject matter. I, however, loved it.

I’d give this movie a 5/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone looking for a movie for a chill night in.