White Shadows (Part 6)

White Shadows (Part 6)

Hunter Taylor, Reporter

Before you read make sure you have read 1-5

John Thorn has been stuck. Stuck in his everyday life as well as his work life. Being a detective had its pros but it also had a couple cons laying back in the shadows waiting to eat away at his home life. 

His home life never used to be like this. He has a wife and an eighteen-year-old son. Back when his son Jack was three years old is when things used to be good. But back then he wasn’t a detective. The troubles of home life being affected by his work didn’t happen suddenly. It started to change very slowly. Barely even noticeable at first. But it was still happening to him whether he realized it or not. As he got better at his job he was needed more. And that led to him being needed most of the time. His skill plus his job equaled less time at home, which also led to family problems.

And with the new Dillon Crawford and Bobby Troyer case, it was like he was at home for two seconds every day. Here he was sitting in his office, tilting in his office chair with his feet up on his desk. He was here tonight trying to gather his thoughts. He has the small case file on his desk. The only light in the room was his lamp. The reason for only having one light on was so that he could read the file, of course. But he also felt right in the dark. He sits in the dark like this because it makes it easier to think. The case of these two dead people wasn’t easy. But on top of this, there are two people reported missing. One he noticed and one that might tie into the Bobby Troyer case. 

Jessica Johnson never turned up for work tonight. She was seen leaving the restaurant last night when she finished work. And John believed that she was abducted by Bobby’s killer. But why didn’t he just kill her right there along with Bobby? As of right now she is a missing persons case because her body was never found. There is someone else though. Someone who had gone missing not that long ago. The homeless guy that lived in the park. He usually walks around town. On one occasion John asked the man what his name was. He said his name was Jim. 

John thinks that Jim is somehow connected to these three. Of course he has no proof yet because stuff happens to him with people all the time.  Jim could have been wandering around up in the woods, broke his leg and died in the cold of the oncoming winter of the next month or so. But John had this feeling that he had never really had before. Maybe he had felt it once or twice as a child but he had never really had this strong of a feeling before that he could remember. And that feeling is that something bad has happened to his town. And somehow Jessica Johnson, Jim, Bobby, and Dillon are all connected. Later John found out he was right.