“Invisible” will leave you speechless


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

“Invisible,” a thriller novel by James Patterson and David Ellis, took “mystery” to a whole new level. Main character Emmy Dockery is an FBI researcher who just about ran her career into the dirt after the death of her older sister, Marta. Marta’s death was ruled “accidental” by the fire department after she was caught in a house fire one night. Emmy never did believe it was an accident, which led to her ravenous hunt for this so-called “killer.” She connected house fire after house fire that had the same evidence as her sister’s. She goes many days without sleep, eyes glued to a computer, trying to “crack the case.”

The constant twists and turns in this story made it so I couldn’t put the book down. Chapter after chapter was read, and I was constantly kept on the edge of my seat. The ability to come up with such a mysterious yet engaging book was truly remarkable. During the whole book I was given false lead after false lead to one conclusion about the killer, but when the end came, I was completely blind-sided. The outcome was definitely one of the most shocking that I have ever read. The fast-paced events were also a selling point for me, as there was really never a dull moment. This book also portrayed how just because people don’t believe you, that doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Some things, however, that I didn’t exactly enjoy about the book were how the characters themselves were bland. ThereĀ  wasn’t much personality in Emmy, just her intense drive to prove herself right. The reader never got to have an insight on what she truly loved. It was just the same routine every day: go to work, work on the case, get leads, etc. Another character, Harrison “Books” Bookman, who is a major part of this book, also doesn’t get a chance to show any real personality. This had me slightly disappointed. Especially because he owned a bookshop (which is super cool) but the reader didn’t get anything in detail about him or the bookshop.

Overall, “Invisible” was a superb book with its many twists and turns and intense, action-packed moments, but had a slight downfall with its lack of personality in the characters. In the end, I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars. Nonetheless, James Patterson was able to release yet another one of his captivating novels that has the reader interested until the very last page…and still leaves them wondering after closing the book.