Top ten most dramatic love songs


Hannah Smrcka, Editor

It’s that time of year again: when you wait for all the chocolate boxes to go on sale. All humor aside, there are so many love songs going around all the time but especially now around Valentine’s Day. Many are sentimental and can be sweet with just a bit of love written into them, though sometimes you hear a love song so over the top, so dramatic, and just… well too much in many ways. They can be good songs and often very popular, but even if they’re good, they’re still very extra. So here are ten of the most dramatic love songs, whether it’s for the instrumentals, the words, how they say it– no matter– they are all very dramatic in some way or another. They often are overdone and make you groan when they come on when you’re just in the supermarket to grab milk, bread, and nothing else. Without further ado:

10.) “You’ll Be In My Heart,” Phil Collins

9.) “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love),” From Hercules

8.) “You’re The One That I Want,” From Grease

7.) “Time After Time,” Cyndi Lauper

6.) “You’re the Inspiration,” Chicago

5.) “Alone,” Heart

4.) “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life,” Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

3.) “I Want It That Way,” the Backstreet Boys

2.) “Hallelujah,” Jeff Buckley

1.) “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney Houston