Top ten Valentine’s Day cookie cutters

Top ten Valentines Day cookie cutters

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is the day that all of the couple’s get each other cute heart candies, teddy bears, sappy notes, and tons of other cheesy gifts to express their admiration. Some people even choose to make homemade cookies for Valentine’s Day with many different cookie cutters. Below I have listed the worst cookie cutters to the best cookie cutters!

10. Kissy face – This is the worst Valentine’s Day cookie cutter because I personally don’t think I would want to eat a cookie with that cutout. Also, trying to get the right frosting shades and making it look good with that cutout would just be an annoyance and a waste of time.

9. Cupid – As cute as cupid may be, this isn’t the ideal cookie cutter to be making dozens of cookies with. A little too much cookie batter and Cupid suddenly becomes a big blob with a splash of color on it.

8. Circle cookie cutter- Sometimes people try to bypass the system by just using circle cookie cutters for this day. Just using a circle cookie cutter is basically cheating…where’s the creativity?

7. Arrow – I don’t think these cookie cutter would be a great way to shape your desired cookies because I personally wouldn’t want to recieve a box of cookies that are just a bunch of arrows pointing towards me. Some people might get the wrong impression.

6. Heart with “be mine” stamped into it – This cookie cutter is a quick way to portray this traditional phrase to your Valentine. The cookie cutter is easy to use, holds a cute saying, and isn’t overly complex.

5. The rose – This cutout is definitely a cute one that is not just a cute Valentine’s Day cookie cutter but can be used any time of the year.

4. Envelope with hearts coming out of it – This cookie cutter is a quick way to imprint a cookie and show how much love you’re sending that special someone.

3. Teddy Bear with a heart – Teddy Bear cookie cutters with hearts is an absolutely adorable way to make your cookies because the Teddy Bears are an enchanting little cookie to receive.

2. XOXO – This is also a cute way to express your appreciation/admiration for someone. These cookie cutters are simple yet speak a thousand words.

1. Simple heart- This is the best cookie cutter because not only is it simple, but it is also cute. This cookie cutter gets the point across that you love that someone without being overly extravagant. Besides, what girl wouldn’t want to be handed a box of heart cookies on Valentine’s Day?

Hopefully you enjoyed my list of top ten Valentine’s Day cookie cutters! What’s your favorite cookie cutter for this lovely day?