New president making moves

Covid-19 updates, Biden’s signed executive actions, and Trump’s impeachment


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

Today marks the ninth day of Joe Biden’s presidency. Within the first day of being in office, Biden signed fifteen executive actions, including a mask mandate on all federal properties and the removal of Trump’s controversial travel ban. Yesterday Biden signed Executive action involving the Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. The Biden administration discusses plans to reopen schools safely, and Biden is reported to reopen enrollment on the federal Affordable Care Act exchanges today.

On the official White House website, the president’s policies are listed. In Biden’s plan to tackle the climate crisis, Section 102 (a) states that the president will host an early Leaders’ Climate Summit, taking aim at raising climate ambition. In other news, on Monday the House delivered articles of impeachment to the Senate for a second time. Donald Trump was impeached by the House, making him the first president to be impeached twice. The next impeachment trial is set for February 9, and if convicted, Trump will not be able to run for president again.

The Biden administration orders 200 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines, 100 being the Moderna vaccine and the other 100 being the Pfizer vaccine. The U.S. is reporting 166,384 new cases, and at least 3,349 deaths are virus-related. There are more than 100.7 million global cases, and at least 2.16 million global deaths. According to a survey from the U.S. Census Bureau, 51% of Americans who have not been vaccinated yet plan to be vaccinated once it is available. During a press conference, President Biden said that he believes that anyone who wants the vaccine should have access to it by spring.