Top ten favorite Valentine’s Day treats


Rachael Hajec, Editor

As 2021 seems to be going at full speed ahead, February is already about to begin and all of your local stores are having endless amounts of chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals for sale in their holiday aisles. Whether you have a valentine or not, this Valentine’s Day, here is a list of my ten favorite treats that you can share with your friends and family (or eat all on your own, no shame here) to enjoy this season.

10. Heart Lollipops

9. Sweet Tarts

8. Gummy Bears

7. Brownies

6. Candy Message Hearts

5. Dove Chocolate Hearts

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts

3. Hershey Kisses

2. Pulakos Assorted Chocolate Box

1.  Chocolate-Covered Strawberries