Zoey the Great Dane


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Zoey Burger is a four-year-old Great Dane. Her birthday is on December 4, and her favorite present she recieved was some peanut butter dog ice cream! Zoey spent her childhood in New Hampshire with a couple of other dogs that she grew up with. Unfortunately, Zoey did not like traveling in RVs, and her previous owners were selling their house and traveling, so they made the difficult decision to find her a new home. Although they were torn about having to re-home her, they also wanted what was best for her.

Zoey likes spending her days eating, going out for short walks, napping, barking at cats, and begging for attention. She loves it when people show her affection and cuddle with her. Acting like a lap dog is her specialty, but it’s usually just her head that makes it on your lap because she is so big. She also is satisfied with sitting next to you and holding your hand if she can not lay beside you.

Most recently Zoey has become a foster mother to my brother’s chocolate lab puppy named Chase. Both dogs are so excited to see each other when Chase comes to visit. They enjoy playing together for a few hours inside but become tired and need a nap. Although they get along well, sometimes they get on each other’s nerves. Zoey explained how she does not appreciate when she is chewing on her favorite bone and Chase decides to come near and steals it away from her. She sated, “It’s not hard to get it back because he is a puppy, but it’s the effort of getting up.”

The weekend is Zoey’s favorite time of the week because all of the family is home. Additionally, going to get Aubree off the bus is her favorite time during the school week because she had missed her all day, and she can’t wait to catch her up on all the latest happenings around the house. After all, Zoey can not wait for many new adventures that lie ahead for her in the future.