Josie the goat


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Josie is a one-and-a-half-year-old Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf (mix) goat who absolutely loves running up and down her log pyramid everyday and chasing her best friend Wales! (Wales is a Nigerian Dwarf.) Josie loves to show off her chestnut/black coat to everyone whom she meets, begging for a little pet. Josie was born in the middle of August and has livened up wherever she goes since.

Her favorite past time is to go on walks with Wales and chase him around. She finds it hilarious to drag Haeleigh, her caretaker, around on the halter/leash line whenever they go for walks. She loves watching as Haeleigh tries to keep up but stumbles over fallen brush and uneven ground. Josie is agile and likes to kick her back legs around to “bust a move” when her and Wales play. Sometimes, though, Josie likes to get a little too mischievous and decides to take off through the woods, as she loves playing “tag.”

When asked what her favorite snack is, she chose pricker bushes because she loves the “crunchy texture and sweet after-taste.” She also said hay and corn would soon follow, as they are both very delicious. Sometimes an occasional apple satisfies her sweet tooth, but other times they’re a bit too¬†sweet for her liking.

Josie also mentioned how much she loves laying out in the sun and “soaking up some rays,” which lightens up her coat and makes it shinier. She also loves a good brushing, as she doesn’t like the feeling of loose fur on her. Her favorite spot to be scratched is between her horns, since she can’t quite reach there herself. Cuddling up next to someone is another thing she absolutely adores. (And yes- a goat can cuddle!) She loves the closeness and the “security” of having someone right beside her. Another thing that Josie loves is the snow. She loves the gentle snowflakes as they drift from the sky and running around in big piles of snow that get shoveled into one spot.

Once thing Josie hates, however, is the dreadful hoof-clipping. If she had it her way, she would never clip her hooves, but she mentioned how she realizes they only make her endure the clipping because they care about her well-being. She constantly shares her disliking of hoof-clipping with Wales, who somewhat agrees with her. Josie also hates getting her picture taken, but sometimes complies when people really beg her to just stand still and not try to eat their phone.

Josie mentioned how happy she is on her little ranch and wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves the early morning wake-ups to the rooster crowing, the delightful walks, many hugs and pets, and the strong bond that she has with Wales. She’s looking forward to enjoying every day cuddled up next to the ones she loves most. (And occasionally giving them a few love-headbutts).