Working with children

Steel Fuller, Reporter

Having a workplace setting that involves children can be very difficult and challenging as well as rewarding. Being employed and working with children is a different experience each day. Not only are you working with the kids, but their parents too. Everyday is a new adventure when it comes to working with today’s youth.

Children of every age have their own set of challenges. Infants need constant care and attention, and everything revolves around their sleeping and eating schedule. Toddlers need to have a constant eye on them so you can show them love and attention but also make sure they stay out of things and aren’t getting into harm’s way.  Preschool and school-aged children don’t have to have the constant eye on them, but at this age they form opinions and start disliking things and bullying others.

It is extremely important to have open communication with the child’s parents. The parents and adults that are working with their children need to be sure to communicate on how the child has been acting, feeling, and the major things in their lives. All of these things will make the parents feel more comfortable with their child being there, which in return will help a child feel more comfortable and relaxed in your care.