My journey through high school

My journey through high school

Skylar Beckford, Reporter

This story will definitely be a bit more personal, but I feel it’s important to share. High school is a very important time in every young teenager’s life. It’s a time where we experiment and try to find out who we are. Our minds are developing, and every day we are hungry for something new. A lot of us lose a lot of friends, but gain some truly amazing ones as well. High school is not easy, but it’s a huge step in blossoming into an adult.

Freshman year was intimidating, to say the least. I had just moved to a brand new city, and the school was full of complete strangers. On the first day of high school, I barely made it to my classes, and I even lost my brand new glasses. You can imagine how stressful it must have been. Thankfully, I managed to make a few great friends, and they helped me survive freshman year. Summer flew by, and then I was a sophomore. No longer being a freshman definitely got to my head, and I figured that nothing could get worse. Oh boy was I definitely wrong.

Not even a month into the new school year, and my step dad got very ill and had to stay in the hospital. This meant that my mom would travel all the way to Pittsburgh to be with him, while I was left with all the responsibilities at home. Not only did I have to take care of our animals and my siblings, but I also had to keep up with my schoolwork. At that point, I was failing or nearly failing almost all of my classes, and I thought I wasn’t going to pass. However, I made some of the most amazing friends I could ever ask for, and they helped me every step of the way.

Unfortunately, my step father did end up passing away, and this left me to feel like I had hit an all-time low. I lost all motivation, and there were a lot of moments where I contemplated dropping out. I am so glad that my friends kept pushing me, and I got my act back together and finished the year. Then came my junior year, and I was just happy that I was an extra year closer to finally graduating. That school year came with its hardships, but it was definitely an improvement from the prior school year. Then, the pandemic hit. Life changed in a lot of ways, but I’m thankful in a way. My grades were at the highest they had ever been, and I finished out the year strong.

It’s now my senior year, and I can proudly say that my hard work is paying off, and my grades are amazing. I have made the tough decision to cut off a few people in my life, but I am glad I did. This is far from the senior year I imagined, but I am glad that I am healthy and safe. There are only a few more months left, and I will continue to push myself and work hard for what I want. It’s been a crazy journey, but I am so thankful for everyone that has stuck around to experience it with me.