Fair fun day

Fair fun day

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Since we couldn’t go to any fairs this year, my mom decided to host a “fair day” at our house that would entertain my siblings and I and all of our friends. It was definitely a day to remember!

It started out with some of our friends arriving (I have three siblings who each had a friend…or three). All together there were about twelve or thirteen of us kids running around eating lots of food, playing volleyball, corn hole, kanjam, and countless other games! We enjoyed nachos and cheese, walking tacos, corn dogs, hamburgers, and other delicious dishes for dinner; we also had cotton candy, and many, many other sweets. The younger kids soon went into a sugar rush and decided it would be funny to chase around the poor cats. My mom quickly ended that game.

Once it got dark out my dad set up a huge light on the volleyball net for us kids to play volleyball under. It was running around barefoot, diving for the ball, laughing at others when they completely wiped out that made the night so enjoyable. We listened to music as we played and berated each other on the other teams to cause for a distraction. My sister and her friends would run in between the net to distract us and eventually steal the volleyball, which resulted in many exasperated attempts to get it back. Eventually my mom shooed the little kids inside, as it was almost 11:30, which allowed us older kids to continue our games of volleyball. We ended up playing so many games that I can’t remember who won half of them, but scores weren’t really being kept; we just had fun.

Later that night, we decided to call it and us girls headed inside the camper where we were staying. Of course we stayed up even later playing other fun games, laughing ourselves silly, and snacking on some more little snacks that we swiped from inside the house. Early into the next morning we finally fell asleep, thinking about how much of a fun time we had had.

The next morning we woke up and headed into the house to get ready for the day. My younger sister and brother were already running around with their friends again. My mom was at the oven taking out freshly baked cinnamon rolls, which smelled heavenly. We quickly got dressed and headed to enjoy some cinnamon rolls! They were delicious! In no time, two of my three friends had to leave, among other kids who had early morning pickups. My friend and I decided to make elephant ears, a classic fair treat, for the younger girls and whoever wanted some. We made plenty to spare, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed them. We then helped my mom cut up potatoes for homemade fries that would be used for garbage fries. These too were very tasty! We did some other small things throughout the day, like doing the little girls’ make-up, making some soft pretzels with cheese, and playing a little bit more volleyball, but all too quickly the day came to a closing, and we waved to the last of our friends as they left.

Right then the whole family decided that each year, we would host an annual “Fair Fun” weekend that would be full of scrumptious food, entertaining games, and lot and lots of laughs. Who knows, maybe more people will get added to it each year.