The superhero with unhelpful powers

Samariana Pena, Reporter

It was about four in the morning, going on five, and as the the sun was slowly rising a group of scientists walk in to a diner and all ask for a cup of coffee. So as they’re going to sit down one of the scientists trips the other scientist and causes him to drop his coffee.

He slowly got up and turned around and he was furious, so he gets ready to punch the scientist who tripped him and suddenly the coffee machine starts to spark. One of the scientists throws this green liquid he had in his lab coat on it, then all of a sudden– BAM!– an inner-dimensional door opens.

A superhero climbs out and sees the fire, so he tries to use his freeze breath and put it out but all he did was make the fire bigger. Then the owner of the diner walks in and asks what’s going on, so they all say it was the superhero’s fault. The owner calls the cops and they all get booked and they all spent two years in jail.