An unexpected friendship

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Once upon a time there was a little princess named Paisley. She was born into the royal family of lettuce farmers. Their blood, sweat, and tears went into their family business. Every single day Paisley and her mother would go out to the greenhouse to check up on sprouts to make sure they were growing, and all was well at the lettuce farm. All the plants were growing well, and there had not been one single frost all year long.

One day Paisley’s mother was not feeling too well, so Paisley decided to go check up on the the lettuce by herself. It was a cool day, the wind was blowing, and the wildflowers were starting to grow. She skipped out to the greenhouse and realized that something was a little odd when she opened the door. There were pots knocked over, pieces of lettuce everywhere, and even worse there was a shadow of a mysterious creature behind her. Seconds later Paisley screams, and the creature muffles her mouth with its ginormous hand. He whispers into her ear that he is taking her to work on his tomato farm that he owns. Meanwhile Paisley is kicking her feet trying to do everything she can to get away from the giant. Eventually she reaches for the garden hose, wraps it around the giant’s leg using her feet, and she ties him up leaving her free. Immediately, she runs back to the house to discover if her father or older brother made it in for lunch after working in the field all morning.

When Paisley arrived at the house she was all out of breath, and could barely speak. Eventually she is able to blurt out what had happened to her out in the greenhouse. After hearing this news, her family chuckled about it at first and played along with it until they decided to go out into the greenhouse after lunch to check up on things. As soon as Paisley’s brother and father walked in, their jaws dropped to the floor in shock at what they were seeing. They just couldn’t believe that Paisley was right. Finally they got back into reality and realized that the giant was trying to have a conversation with them. He confessed what he had done and explained that he will do anything to repay for the damages.

The family discussed for a few hours what the punishment for the giant should be. Eventually they all came to the conclusion that they would lock him into  cage for a day, and make him eat all the leftover lettuce that did not sell at the farmer’s market. This way he will be so sick of lettuce that he will never ever want to eat it again. Additionally, they requested that they wanted a few tomato plants in exchange for lettuce so they both can expand their farms.

After all, the giant followed through with the punishment that the family gave him, and now they are good friends. When the giant attempted to take Paisley, he either thought that he would be able to pull it off or get caught and punished. Little did he know that he was going to develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.