Top ten New Year’s resolutions


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

As we all know, New Year’s has come and gone. Although, it was a bit different this year. There weren’t crowds of people in the streets of New York City to watch the ball drop, some people couldn’t celebrate the ways they had in year’s past, and countless other reasons. However, one thing that didn’t change were the millions of people who created their New Year resolutions. Below I have listed the top ten New Year’s resolutions from the worst to the best.

10. Giving up sweets– This New Year resolution is probably the most common…and the most failed. Countless people have attempted to wipe out all sweets in their life, but by January 4 are already back to their old ways. I think that this is a rather bad New Year’s resolution because you still have to reward yourself with treats. Now, I’m not saying you should continue to eat them like crazy, because everything can be eaten, just in moderation.

9. Vowing to be less messy– The average person who pledges to be less messy typically fails. It’s not because they don’t want to try, it’s because they realize just how much work it is and choose not to spend the extra time in doing so. Most of the time this goal is a complete flop from either lack of motivation or just straight up laziness.

8. Spending less money– This resolution is a very common, and unfortunately not always reached, goal. I for one am guilty of going out and spending lots of money on myself each year. I think that being committed to spending less money is a superb idea. This makes room for the ability to go on a nice vacation, get your nails done once in a while, and countless other points. However, most people don’t succeed at this either because of the temptations that follow.

7. Getting more physical activity– This is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. People all over decide they want to start peddling that bicycle (that has been sitting for twenty years in a corner) around town to either lose weight or get the heart healthy. This is a wonderful target because it will not just make you feel better, but will strengthen your heart so you’ll have the opportunity to live longer.

6. Eating healthier– This resolution goes hand in hand with eating less sweets and getting more exercise because so many people work so hard to try to eat healthier options (which is a great goal). This is very hard-earned but rewarding in the end.

5. Going out and getting a job– Unfortunately, many Americans (or people in general) have troubles with getting motivated to find a job. This resolution is common and great to vow to do because getting a job provides a sense of stability for not just you but your family as well. Getting a job also provides a way to find pride and confidence in yourself.

4. Working to have a positive attitude– Being negative can have a serious taxing on your health, so creating the popular resolution to become more patient is a noble goal and can be achieved through persistent hard work. This is a great resolution to have because it not only makes other people happier to be around you, it makes you happier overall.

3. Becoming more patient– Many people have trouble with being snippy and snotty with each other, so it’s quite common to hear of people wanting to have more patience. This is definitely one thing that we as people would benefit by participating in.

2. Doing volunteer work– This is another positive New Year’s resolution that people have. Volunteering to help those who are less fortunate is always rewarding in itself because you get to see sheer happiness when they receive that help from normal people like us. This is a positively amazing goal to have!

1. Giving back to other people– This is a great resolution because spreading happiness is the most contagious thing of all; it brightens people’s spirits when they are having the gloomiest of gloomy days. When you continue to give to people, others will catch on and kindness will spread like wildfire. Kindness is contagious, people!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I wish all of you the best of luck on your New Year resolutions. If you don’t have any resolutions, take time to think of some!