“Peppermint” is definitely worth the watch


Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

“Peppermint” is an action/thriller movie. It’s rated R, but I think 15 and up could watch it if they are mature with parent permission.

“Peppermint” is about a mom who hunts down the killers that murdered her family on her daughter’s birthday when they went to the Christmas carnival because no one showed up for her birthday party. They were murdered because the husband’s friend asked him to help him rob a really big drug dealer, but all he had to do was drive. Before he went to the carnival he called his friend and said he had too much to lose so he was out, but by that time they had already started watching him. They killed his friend and didn’t kill him and his daughter until the end of the night in a drive by shooting while the wife was getting napkins so they didn’t spill their ice cream. She witnessed her daughter and husband getting shot, but she lived.

She had identified the killers, so they took it to court, but because she was on medication they walked free and said she was incapable of identifying them. She escaped when they were trying to take her to a hospital/mental health institute. She went off the grid until she robbed a gun store and took all the military guns and ammo. On the one year anniversary she seeks revenge.

Overall, I loved this movie. It shows how powerful women can be and to never underestimate them. I give it a 5/5 and would recommend watching it.