The danger of birth control

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Even though birth control is a big help in people’s lives, it can also change your life without you thinking it would. My sister has been on birth control for about five-six years and this year it took a turn for the worse. She started getting headaches and the doctors thought it was a sinus infection because its around the same time every year she gets one, but this year was different.

It went on through Halloween and it started to get a little better. The weekend after Halloween she passed out and threw up in church. She was rushed to the emergency room where she stayed for two days. They could not figure out what was wrong and sent her home with a “urinary tract infection,” but she still had really bad headaches.

She got released on a Monday night and that Thursday lost all vision. Friday, she went to her family doctor to get a checkup and she sent her back to the emergency room, telling her that they missed something. They ran more CAT scans and an MRI and then found out she had blood clots in her brain. They were worried because they were so big so they put her on blood thinners and when they realized actually how bad it was they sent her to Pittsburgh that Sunday.

She had brain surgery on Monday to get rid of them. After further investigation they¬† realized she had a double eye seizure and half of her brain was filled with blood. She is 23 and blind now with only a little vision, being able to see shapes and outlines of people. Doctors said that they don’t know if she will ever get her vision back, but it gets better some days. She is doing okay now other than not being able to see and this was all caused by her birth control. So if you take birth control please get regular check-ups and if you feel like something is wrong, go get it looked at because even the things you think are little can be so much bigger than they appear.