Gracious Gabi


Gabi Rose

Skylar Beckford, Reporter

I was fortunate enough to sit down with senior cheer captain Gabi Rose and ask her a few questions. I began the interview asking Gabi if she has any pets, and in fact, she has five dogs! Since Gabi is a cheerleader, of course I had to ask her what it’s been like cheering for Corry High School. She is a base and was a captain for football cheer. She commented on her experience, saying, “Cheer was tough for the first couple years, but as I got more experienced it became more fun.”

Gabi’s musical inspiration is Sam Smith. “They’ve always been so confident about themself and their career.” Gabi loves going to the beach, so if she could pick anywhere to live, it would have to be by the ocean. And, with winter break just days away, I asked Gabi what she is currently feeling. “I’m especially excited for this Christmas vacation,” she continues, “because while I hate doing online work, I really like relaxing with my family and friends.”

Since she is a senior and her journey in high school is nearly over, it can almost feel like time is slipping away too quickly. So, I was curious to see if there were any times in her life she would love to revisit. “If I could relive any part of my life, it would be freshman and sophomore year of high school because they were the most fun.” Gabi currently plans on going to college to become a mental health therapist, and I cannot wait to see what great things she will accomplish.