Negative effects of technology on human health


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

Today technology is a big part of our daily lives. It is used for work, school, getting information, and communicating with others. Additionally, it is used for general entertainment. Such as watching television, social media, and video gaming. Although technology has come so far, it can have negative effects on people’s health.

First off, using technology for long periods of time causes eyestrain. This is because it can hold a person’s attention for a long time and it can cause blurred vision and dry eyes. Some factors that cause eyestrain can be from the screen brightness, glare, and viewing too close or too far away. To help prevent this from happening, taking regular breaks will prevent the likelihood of eyestrain.

Another negative effect that technology has on people is reduced physical activity. Today more and more people are working or schooling from home, and in order to get tasks done they have to do it online, meaning that they have to use a computer. Right away that is a red flag because they have to be on a device for five or more hours a day. I know that its not always possible to get away from a screen, but whenever possible it is a good idea to get away from the screen for a little to give the eyes a break.

After all, technology is all around us and makes life easier, but it also can affect one’s health. To prevent this from happening, frequent breaks from the screen is recommended, and just going for a walk can help.