Major holiday trends of 2020

How do local traditions stack up?

Major holiday trends of 2020

Rachael Hajec, Editor

The year is finally coming to an end, and as people everywhere participate in all of their favorite traditions and gift giving/decoration ideas for the holiday season, you may wonder…what is trending right now? Because of the pandemic, use of social media, apps, and websites is skyrocketing as people try to find fun things to do for Christmas. A few apps and websites in particular would be Pinterest, Etsy, Tik Tok, and more. As everyone has a different perspective when it comes to the idea of Christmas, a holiday planning article talks about the holiday trends this year, and our local students at Corry High chime in with their own.

While students and their families in Corry all have their own ideas for Christmas, local high school students wish to comment about this list of holiday trends this year, and how their ways are similar or different from them. Also, they mention their usual plans for the holidays.

Emma Swartzfager, senior at Corry, says, “Ours is pretty different from the list! We have a tree decorated with ornaments from every year since we were born. My siblings and I each get each other a couple presents, but my parents get us all some. We spend Christmas Day with my Dad’s family and we do a big gift exchange! Although, we do have a lot of snacks and appetizers at first, (which is similar to the appetizer tray on the list,) but then we eat a fancy dinner with my Mom’s family later on before opening presents.”

Alyssa Rowland, junior at Corry, says, “We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving with our main focus being Jesus. We really enjoy spending time as a family and making it feel like Christmas in that way. Also, we have several things on the trend list that include the advent calendars, door hangers, appetizer trays, crochet ornaments, and especially a bright/gold color scheme. To top it all off we can’t forget about the sugar, peanut butter, and molasses cookies that we love to make for a delicious Christmas!”

Brandon Arnink, another senior at Corry, says, “Not a single thing on the list is something my family and I do, or have [done]. The main thing we do is go to church in the evening on Christmas Eve and then have dinner afterwards. We traditionally open a single present on Christmas Eve that’s usually pajamas, an ornament, and/or a movie. We decorate very plain unlike the list, but we have little things around the house and some lights outside this year.”

After some of our students input, research shows from a popular article that the trends this year are overall not very common around here; however, this list can give local families new ideas this holiday season, and even the opportunity to do some future planning.

The Major Holiday Trends for 2020 article talks about some fun and creative Christmas games, foods, gifts, traditions, greeting cards, and decor you can make right at home. Since most gatherings for the holidays this year are a little different than normal, it is easier to make smaller quantities of food and activities with a smaller group in mind so everyone’s safety benefits. Here is a list of some of the key trends that were very intriguing:

  • Advent calendars
  • Holiday door hangers
  • Homemade Christmas puzzles and board games
  • Holiday grazing board (tray of Christmas appetizers)
  • More eco-friendly gifts/wrapping paper
  • DIY holiday soaps and candy recipes
  • Crochet, knit, and embroidered ornaments
  • Holiday quilts
  • Bright and gold color schemes

As we all count down the few days till Christmas, make sure to stay creative and excited, eat tons of food, live and laugh with your loved ones, and have lots of Christmas spirit during these unimaginable times. Merry Christmas everyone!