Digital or paperback books: which is superior?

Digital or paperback books: which is superior?

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Digital or paperback books? They both have pros and cons. However, I believe that people should read paperback books in order to get the full experience of reading a book. Paperback books make the reading so much more alive because you are physically flipping the pages while being on the edge of your seat. It makes you want to read ten times faster so that you can flip the page to keep reading. It’s something about breathing in the smell of a new book that makes reading it so much more interesting. With a digital book, you don’t get that opportunity. Instead, you are looking at a screen, pushing a button to flip to the next page. When you read paperback, you are able to hold it in your hands and get the feeling of “this is my book.” Reading a book digitally, on the contrary, has you looking at a small screen (which is really bad for your eyes) and you aren’t getting the full effect of the book.

When purchasing a paperback copy of a book, it’s always the best to have the opportunity to physically go to the store and pick out what book you would like. I know that one of my favorite things about buying the paper copies are the fact that I can go to a bookstore and purchase one. This really adds to the joy of owning paperback books because of the sense of looking forward to it that it gives me. Also, having all sorts of books lined up on a bookshelf gives you the satisfaction of seeing just how many you have read. It also gives you a drive to continue reading books so that you can have even more. You also have the opportunity to bond with people over the paperback books because you are able to exchange them and let others borrow. By doing that, you are able to find things you are both interested in and forge new friendships. Having a digital book really hinders your opportunity to exchange books.

Digital books are kept in a digital library, which, if your tablet/kindle/phone crashes, so will those books. That is why having a paperback book is the way to go. Another reason why digital books are not the thing to purchase is because in order to get all of those books onto the device you choose, you have to first buy it. For example, you’d have to purchase a kindle in order to get all of the books you want. Whereas with paperback books, you just buy the books! Setting up a spot for paperback books is simple: you could simply purchase a $15 book holder on a website of your choice and that would save you a lot more money than if you were to purchase a kindle.

All in all, owning a paperback book is the way to go. It just has so many more positives to it than a digital book.