Christmas cows


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Three funny cows in Christmas hats. Cows portrait isolated on white. Farm animals.

Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Once upon a time there was a little girl who always loved animals. She kept asking her parents for all kinds of crazy animals that she was too irresponsible to take care of. Every birthday she was let down when she didn’t get what she asked for, so she gave up hope. Her parents noticed that she wasn’t very happy anymore and didn’t want to see any animals and didn’t talk about them. When they asked what was wrong all she said was, “I won’t ever get one anyway so what’s the point?”

After that her parents started to talk about it and her mom was totally against it, but it was killing her dad to see her the way she was. So the next day he asked her if she wanted to go help him get stuff to build a barn and the little girl said, “Why would we need one?” and he just asked again if she wanted to come or not so she went with him.

Then the next few weeks they worked on building a little barn. The winter came and nothing was in the barn. The wife threw a fit and said it was a waste of money until Christmas came. It was the morning of the big day, even though no one knew it except the dad. It was Christmas and the little girl opened all of her presents, and she was very thankful but still upset she hadn’t gotten an animal. Then her dad told her he had one more thing for her and took her to the barn. He opened the doors and there were two baby calves. The little girl was so happy she started to cry and hug her dad. He told her that it was to teach her responsibilities and that if she couldn’t he would get rid of them.

Fast forward a few years and they are her best friends and she spent so much time with them her dad got her more and she started her own little beef farm.