Ruger the rock star


Lindsey Mitchell, Reporter

Recently, I convinced my dad after ten years to let me get another dog. My last dog passed away right as we got Ruger. Ruger is a Miniature Dappled Dachshund he is currently eight months old. He is 13 pounds and will not get much bigger.

We got him for my birthday and he was only three pounds. Ruger’s birthday is four days after mine! He is very rambunctious and always has to be watched so he doesn’t get into anything. His favorite activities include playing with his toys, barking at people, sleeping, going on rides, seeing my sister’s dog, and he loves going on walks.

He is very different from any other animal we have ever had because we have never had an inside dog or a small dog. He is also very needy. You can’t go anywhere without him. He is definitely a spoiled little brat, but Ruger is a very protective dog even though he is very small. He does not like big dogs and most people that walk by our house, but once he gets to know them he warms right up.

Ruger has three siblings and one he still sees. Despite him being a pain and a brat sometimes I wouldn’t trade him for anything because he keeps me on my toes while giving me lots of entertainment and I can’t wait to see him grow more!