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Top 10 ‘Criminal Minds’ episodes


This list of “Criminal Minds” episodes are ranked on how great I think they are. It was extremely hard to choose which episodes since there are so many, but I was able to narrow it down. These are my top 10 favorite “Criminal Minds” episodes of all time.

10. “Profiler, Profiled”

Season two drops one heck of an episode that dives into the life of SSA Derek Morgan. The Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI spends their time in Morgan’s home town to solve a series of murders that involve small children while the rest of the team find out about Derek’s haunting past. This episode is so great because it allows the viewer to get a more in depth perspective of one of the main characters.

9. “Penelope”

In season three, the FBI’s technical analyst, Penelope Garcia gets shot by a mysterious man who the team thinks is a robbery gone wrong, but when Penelope begins to heal, she confesses that it was her date who shot her and that he is a narcissistic killer. With Penelope being one of my favorite characters in the show, I had to put this episode on the list!

8. “The Performer”

Airing in the fifth season, the BAU is set out to Los Angeles to investigate a series of killings that tie into a gothic singer named “Dante.” The team figure that this mysterious man is the culprit but when they do some more digging, they realize that these murders have come from someone they never would’ve expected. This episode is great because it is a bit different from the rest and is in multiple perspectives.

7. “Heathridge Mannor”

Directed by the beloved “Matthew Gray Gubler,” this one of a kind episode takes on an eerie aspect when a woman is found dead in an abandoned asylum, which makes the BAU believe that the suspect they are looking for may be some time of satanist. I am a huge fan of creepy things, which is why this episode is a must watch.

6. “The Uncanny Valley”

Season five presents the story of a bunch of women who are getting kidnapped and mysteriously turn up dead a few months later. The bodies are found looking like porcelain dolls, which confuses the FBI. What was actually happening is that they were abducted and paralyzed so they could look and almost function like dolls so that the suspect could play with them. This episode is one of the only ones that I found a little creepy, but that is what makes it a great episode.

5. “Minimal Loss” 

Two of the BAU agents, Spencer Reid and Emily Prentiss, are sent undercover into an underground cult to investigate the alleged child abuse, but end up getting trapped inside when a federal raid does not go as planned. This episode is the complete opposite of boring and will keep anyone entertained.

4. “Revelations” 

In season two, this episode follows a serial killer with split personalities who take after the traumatizing adults that were in his life. Because of the rage that he holds, Spencer Reid ends up getting kidnapped and beaten while also being injected with drugs, which later on affect Spencer’s mental ability to do his job. This was a stressful episode to watch but it is always worth it in the end when they catch their killer.

3. “Nelson’s Sparrow”

Season 10 goes back to the past where agent Jason Gideon once ran the BAU. This time it’s his old team who finds him dead and they realize that it was an older suspect who Gideon was chasing after years ago. This rage-filled-but-nostalgic episode will have many viewers wanting to watch the show all over again just like I did.

2. “Zugzwang” 

Spencer Reid discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by her stalker which sends the team into a frenzy. They decide to band together before it is too late. With Spencer on edge throughout the episode it is hard for the team to find any clues which causes one of the worst losses in “Criminal Minds” history.

1. “100”

While Aaron Hotchner tries to find the infamous Riverside Reaper, he also attempts to keep his ex-wife and child safe. All goes terribly wrong when they are outsmarted by the killer and he gets Hotchner’s family in his grasp. There have been many deaths in this show, but I believe that this one is the saddest.

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