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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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Top 10 Marvel characters


I’ve recently been into watching Marvel movies and most of them that I have watched are really good. My personal favorite is “The Amazing Spider-Man.” I’ll be ranking my top 10 Marvel characters.

10. Hawkeye – The only reason I like Hawkeye is because of his cool bow and arrow as a weapon. I liked him growing up.

9.  Thanos – Even though Thanos is a villain, I still think he is a cool character. I enjoyed the “Avengers Endgame” movie.

8. Groot – Groot is a very funny character, I enjoyed the guardians and the galaxies movies. I want to see another movie with him in it

7. Black Widow – Black Widow is a very underrated character in my opinion.

6. Black Panther – I loved the Black Panther Wakanda Forever in movies with my friend and I really enjoyed it. It was sad when I heard that he passed away, I wish we could’ve made more movies

5. Captain America – Captain America is always a good character in every movie that he is in, I really enjoyed his time in the Avengers Endgame.

4. Hulk – I feel like everyone likes Hulk. He is just a cool character that throws cars and destroys things.

3. Thor – I’ve always seeing Thor in these movie, I think the hammer is one of the coolest Marvel items. That’s why he is in my top three.

2. Iron Man – Iron Man was definitely my favorite Marvel character growing up, but its changed. Robert Downy Jr. is a great actor and I love his suit.

1. Spider-Man – Spider-Man is easily my favorite Marvel character. I love all of the movies that feature him. The story line is very relatable to me and I can follow it easily.

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Cameron Richards
Cameron Richards, Reporter
Cameron Richards is a sophomore, and this is his second year in the newspaper class. While Cameron isn't in school he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, being outside, playing any sport with his family. He also enjoys going to fairs.