Top ten Christmas gift ideas

Top ten Christmas gift ideas

Skylar Beckford, Reporter

As trees go up and lights are strung across town, I think it’s the appropriate time to start getting excited for Christmas. It’s that time of year, which means ugly sweaters everywhere and people sharing laughs over cups of hot cocoa. It also means shoppers scurry to search for gifts for friends and family. And, if you are anything like me, deciding on what to get can be a challenge, so I’ve put together a list of some ideas that might make shopping a little easier this holiday season.

10. Hot cocoa kit: It’s simple, yummy, and they’ll have plenty of fun getting to customize their own drink.

9. Merchandise: You can’t go wrong with some merchandise from their favorite band or TV show. Not only are you bringing joy to someone else, but you’re supporting an artist.

8. Photo album: While it might seem a little cheesy, pictures say more than words ever could. Put together an album and they’ll always be able to cherish the memories you have made together.

7. Onesie/Pajamas: Regardless of age, anyone can appreciate some warm, comfy pajamas.

6. Stuffed animals: Give that special someone a fuzzy teddy bear to cuddle up to. For bonus points, spray some of your cologne or perfume on it so a part of you is always there with them.

5. Makeup: If you aren’t sure exactly what to get, some simple beauty items will surely do. A little bit will go a long way.

4. Body sprays and lotions: Everyone likes to smell nice, so this is a simple gift that they are sure to put to use.

3. Gift cards: If you’re truly unsure about what someone may want, a gift card is perfect. That way they’re able to spend the money on whatever they want, and that’s one less worry checked off your list this Christmas.

2. Gaming system: This time of year is perfect for buying a new gaming system. While they tend to be more expensive, the look in someone’s eyes when they unwrap a brand new PS5 or Xbox will be worth it.

1. Food: I mean, who doesn’t love food? Wrap up some goodies and you’re sure to put a smile on their face.