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My top 10 podcasts

My top 10 podcasts
Amber Straub

A vast majority of people I know truly enjoy listening to podcasts in their free time. In most cases I have heard that people listen to them while driving or doing chores instead of to the radio or watching TV. I personally like to sit down and actually watch podcasts on YouTube, but I do also do so while participating in other activities like working out or doing my homework. Here is my ranking of the 10 podcasts I have listened to… but I am always open to suggestions.

10. “Teachers Off Duty”

Honestly, I ranked this podcast at ten because I have not actually watched a whole episode and just often see clips. From what I have seen, this podcast is funny and entertaining. I would for sure recommend to teachers and parents.

9. “BFFs”

Although ranked number nine, BFFs still has a special place in my mind because it was the first podcast I had ever listened to and was my entertainment throughout COVID. I don’t necessarily listen anymore, but if you ever want to quickly catch yourself up on the Hollywood drama, its a fast and easy place to go and listen. The podcast was created by Dave Portnoy, founder and owner of Barstool, and Josh Richards, most vastly known for his time in The Sway House. Early on Brianna Chickenfry joined the group and they began mostly informing Dave of drama he didn’t initially understand.

8. “Plan Bri Uncut”

Hosted by Brianna Chickenfry and Grace O’Malley, this podcast is full of relatable rants and inside scoop from their Hollywood life. Both from Boston, these best friends talk about their experiences and often give their opinion on random topics.

7. “Out of Touch”

This podcast is very new and is hosted by Brad Mondo and Sophia La Corte. With only a couple episodes released, they have discussed the drama around Sophia and then dove right in to their dating experiences. The second episode was mostly about the trend of being a “girl’s girl” and the fact that it is truly a hard feat with all the rules.

6. “You Should Know”

On to my absolute favorite podcasts, this one is hosted by Cam Kennedy and Peyton Hardin. They are two of the funniest people I have watched and usually fill their episodes with making fun of each other and talking about their childhood. They also have segments about pop culture and give their opinion on the situations at hand. I ranked them lower because I feel like a lot of their jokes and topics are too similar to a podcast higher on the list, “The Basement Yard.”

5. “Coop’s Advice”

In contrast to many of the other podcasts, this one is hosted by Harold Noriega and is focused around mental health awareness. The podcast was started after Harold’s son Cooper passed in June of 2022. Harold created the podcast to give a space for Cooper’s friends to speak on the effects that Fentanyl and drug use have on teens’ lives and to show other teens that it is okay to need help.

4. “The Sit and Chat”

This podcast is also a fairly new one. The hosts are Bradley Steven Perry and Jake Short, most known for their days with Disney. They talk about their past in the industry and what they aspire to do. A lot of their guests are either comedians or actors and they talk about the reasons why they enjoy what they do.

3. “The Dropouts”

Probably one of the funniest podcasts I’ve watched, this one is hosted by Zach Justice and Jared Bailey. Called dropouts because they dropped out of school to enter the entertainment industry, these two love comedy. Zach Justice is most known for his unhinged jokes and darker humor. And the dynamic between the two makes a fun listen.

2. “The Basement Yard”

This podcast is hosted by Joe Santagato and Frankie Alvarez in which they talk about pop culture topics and create their own comedy bits. It is a really close second in the race of top podcasts, but I still recommend it to just about anyone.

1. “The Zach Sang Show”

This podcast is hosted by Zack Sang and Dan Zolot. It is my favorite podcast because of the amount of people they have on the show and how comfortable they make the space. The show truly centers around whatever guest they have and the project the guest has coming up. I really love how personable and real the conversation is on top of the deep-dive, genuine questions they ask.

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Amber Straub
Amber Straub, Reporter
Amber Straub is a senior and first year Beaver Tales staff member. She enjoys writing small works, reading, art, and music. She has three older dogs and five cats total (two of those being rescue kittens). She is also a current member of the Corry Key Club and enjoys helping with volunteer work in her free time.