There are reasons for pursuing higher education beyond the obvious

There are reasons for pursuing higher education beyond the obvious

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Many people do not plan to attend college because of the price or they think that education is stupid and not worth their time, but here are some reasons why I think you should go to college outside of just academics.

You will meet new people who are like-minded and not like-minded at all. The people and experiences you meet opens your horizons. You form important connections. It helps you create better social skills and many people even meet their future spouses at college.

Even if it is a degree that you don’t have to have for the job you plan to pursue, going and getting the degree from just a community college could be the reason you are chosen over other applicants because it can help you make advanced observations and decisions in your work. You can also, typically, make more money when you have a degree. You also have more options in your field because you have the degree.

You can go for a year undecided to see what you want to continue going for for your degree. No matter what, it is a learning experience.

It teaches you how to live away from home and how to have an education that your parents aren’t heavily involved in. With that, it teaches responsibility. It helps prepare you for having deadlines if you plan to go into a profession that has a lot of deadlines.

You don’t have to become a teacher or a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer when you go to college.

It’s important to never stop learning or growing, so don’t give up on the idea of investing yourself into a higher education for reasons that you might later regret in life.