Snakes! The ideal pet


Sylvia Elmquist

Oliver and Phone

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

If you want a pet might I suggest one that only eats and makes waste once a week, can be left alone while on vacation, is overall low maintenance and very friendly? You might be surprised to hear that I am talking about snakes.  There is a wide variety of pet snakes.  You can get one in any color and ranging from two feet to twelve feet.  

My personal favorite snake is a boa constrictor often referred to as a gentle giant.  Beginners often lean towards ball pythons or corn snakes because they are easy to take care of. To acquire a snake you can simply visit your local pet store, or for less common snakes, you can order them online.  They are generally an inexpensive pet.  Between the supplies and the actual snake, my first one only cost around $200. If you are worried about the temperament, as long as you handle your snakes regularly and learn their body language, behavior won’t be an issue.

I have been keeping snakes for about a year and a half and they are by far the best pets I have owned.  Between my two snakes, Oliver and Phone, there have been no problems of unprovoked aggression.  Because of their long life span, and illnesses being rare, I am excited to be able to have them around for another 40 years.