Spotlight: Running Back Ethyn Allen


Gabrielle Troyer, Reporter

Ethyn Allen is running back for the Corry Beavers. His birthday is August 8, and he has one sister who is 18 years old. He grew up in Corry, PA. Ethyn’s hobbies are playing sports

He would like to go college and maybe join the military. Ethyn would like to travel to Boston because he has always seemed to like the place and wanted to go one day. His favorite movie is “Bad Boys for Life.” Ethyn’s favorite song is “Drink to that All Night” by Jerrod Niemann.

His favorite quote is  “You only live once so shoot for the stars.” The animal that matches his personalty is a wolf. His  idea of a dream vacation is a getaway from the struggles of life, a home away from home, somewhere you can relax and have no worries. His idea of a perfect date is basically staying home and spending time together or watching a movie.

Ethyn’s favorite class is gym because it keeps him active during the day and his favorite food is chicken. In addition to  football, he also plays baseball and wrestles. His biggest pet peeve is people messing around at practice causing no one to get anything done. His piece of advice to underclassman players is “you only live once, don’t waste it, make the best of it.”

Lastly, Ethyn’s favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots and his favorite college team is the Ohio State Buckeyes.