“The Mandalorian” returns to more of what “Star Wars” fans love


Hannah Smrcka, Editor

The new hit series ‘The Mandalorian” follows the missions of a Mandalorian in his most difficult task yet. It is new and innovative, and it brings back many of the elements found in the old original “Star Wars'” trilogy that viewers love. It has the suspense, things not always working out, and the raw creativeness when it comes to the creatures and plot. It is also responsible for all of the baby Yodas that you may see floating around the internet. The baby Yoda in the show is adorable and captures your heart almost immediately.

One thing that isn’t the greatest about it is that it sometimes feels a little too side tracked or off the main story line, but they seem to tie it all in well.

If you haven’t watched the Mandalorian series yet on Disney+, I highly recommend it. The new episodes are uploaded to Disney+ every Friday, so you have to wait for each episode like you would a regular TV series. However, if you’re new to “The Mandalorian,” There are already 11 episodes ready to watch!

May the force be with you!