Lovely Lily

Skylar Beckford, Reporter

I have a lot of love for all of my animals, but Lily has a special place in my heart. Lily is a Maine Coon Tabby, and she is six, going on seven. Lily is very different from the rest of our cats because her personality is very unpredictable. One minute she might be super sweet and cuddly and the next she’ll ready to attack anything she can get her paws on.

My family got her when I was about 11, and she was the fluffiest little kitten ever. She was super playful and we even had to start hiding stuff because she would play with anything and everything in sight. Her favorite activities include: laying on anything she can, sitting in boxes, meowing at everyone, and eating all day. She might be a pain sometimes, but she always makes sure to put our dogs in check when they’re misbehaving. We used to call her “Queen Lily” because she’s super sassy and always bossing around the other animals.

Despite her sassiness, everyone who meets Lily absolutely adores her. And even though all she does is eat all day, I still love her because she’s a great cuddle buddy and a joy to play with.