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Top 10 of the greatest Zach Bryan songs


If you are not familiar with the singer Zach Bryan then you should definitely try him out. He is considered a folklore country singer and really hit big when his song “Heading South” got noticed. He puts his raw emotions into his songs, which is what makes him so special in my eyes. Zach Bryan, like other authors, uses his life experiences and mistakes in his songs to make a statement. For a lot of people, like me, his form of letting his feelings flow is very therapeutic. He also started out very humble by having his friends record him on his iPhone and uploading those songs to YouTube. Without further ado, here is the top 10 of the greatest Zach Bryan songs in my opinion.

10) “Let You Down”

This song may be number ten but that does not mean last. This song depicts that no matter how hard you try not to let someone down, you always will. It’s not because you’re an awful person, it’s because you’re human and Zach Bryan truly shows how you can learn and pick yourself back up.

9) “Hey Driver”

Hey Driver is all about simpler times. This song is very relatable due to the song symbolizing wanting to escape to somewhere more nostalgic or somewhere where values are still respected. The artist has gone through a lot in his life and the reason he wrote this song is because he wished to go back in time. Don’t we all wish that sometimes?

8) “Dawns”

This song is up to interpretation, but in my opinion and research, the song could be about his wanting to express his emotions one more time and then leaving the moment behind. He gives an example of how we as humans should move on, too. This song reminds me that I only live once and if I am constantly thinking about my failures, then I will never grow or learn from them, I will simply drown.

7) “Revival”

Zach Bryan made this song very catchy and exciting. He has had a rocky relationship with God, but he is basically telling the listeners and friends to gather and let God take all the pain. I LOVE this song because I can relate to this feeling and it’s also just very upbeat and makes you feel revived. Ironic, right?

6) “Oklahoma Smokeshow”

A song about a girl who is always trying to impress the bad boys because she doesn’t respect herself enough. Sounds great right? Well, it’s actually very captivating with its message. It relates to how a lot of women do not realize their worth and how much they deserve. This song for me is a nudge to not ever let myself believe hurtful things towards myself.

5) “The Good I’ll Do”

A very uplifting song about how the right person can make you feel good and help you heal yourself. Not only this but the song gives an example of how you can right your wrongs and do good in your life. I think this song has a great beginning and, like all of Zach Bryan’s songs, the lyrics are easy to remember.

4) “Sun To me”

In this song one of the most well-known lyrics is “and I remember being younger and my mother told me the truth, find someone who grows flowers in the darkest parts of you.” I think this is the truest saying of all time. It genuinely lets the listener know that you should always look for someone who makes you bloom, not wilt.

3) “Something in the Orange”

I’ve been waiting to get to this one! From the very beginning of the song you’re immediately sucked in. The chords leach onto you and it opens your eyes. I believe the saying something in the orange symbolizes a sunrise and that’s exactly how you feel. The rest of the song is very smooth and has such a deep meaning that you forget that you’re right there in that moment. When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like I’m in the clouds. This song also put Zach Bryan on the board. He was very groundbreaking with this release as his team told him that a big album would be risky, so he dropped that team and did it anyways. Very inspiring.

2) “Letting Someone Go”

Zach Bryan released this song as a dedication to his mother who passed. As any human, the process of grieving in extremely rough. When I listen to this song it reminds me of how such a loss can make someone feel, but this artist paints the perfect feelings all in one song. When I was going through a loss one of his lyrics from this song really opened my mind. That lyric was “One thing I have quickly come to know/nothing kills you slower than letting someone go.”

1) “Sweet DeAnn”

This song was also a dedication to his mother. Both “Sweet DeAnn” and “Letting Someone Go” are part of a dedicated album. I deeply connect to the song because of his choice of reason to why it hurts so much to lose someone close. When I lost my grandmother all I wanted to do was call her, to hear her voice, and to catch her up on all of my new life updates. While the wound is still fresh and will always feel fresh, Zach Bryan’s song “Sweet DeAnn” will always remind me that she’s right next to me. One of the lyrics that got me through was “Sweet DeAnn I miss you so, And your words go where I go. For reasons I don’t know, But I’ll sing ’em loud and slow, So you can hear me from the Heavens, And you can draw my thunder down, I miss havin’ you around, But in my heart you’re always found.”

If any of these songs interested you, I can assure you that you will not regret having some in your playlist. So the next time you drive, you may feel like you’re floating on air, just like me.

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