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Top 10 best cold openings of ‘The Office’

“The Office” poster

Throughout all nine seasons of “The Office” there have been many great cold openings. For many viewers this just might be the best part about that particular episode. So strap in as we go through a winding ride of hilarious cold opens.

10. Fax from the future

In this episode Jim (working from the Stamford branch) faxes Dwight, making it seem like it is from the future Dwight. Of course, Dwight falls for this and believes it when the fax says the coffee that morning is poisoned, causing him to slap the cup of coffee right out of his colleague’s hands

9. “Where is my desk?”

As this episode starts Dwight walks in and his desk is not in its usual setting. He asks everyone where it went but no one seems to know. As Dwight starts to get angered and threatens to go to the boss, Jim starts playing a hot and cold game with Dwight to find his desk. Using that game, Dwight finds that his desk is in the restroom.

8. Threat level midnight

This is one of the better cold openings for sure mostly because of the episode that follows. It opens with the beginning of Michael’s new movie, “Threat Level Midnight.”

7. Music video

It is so very fun to watch this opening because it is very unserious, and everyone is just having fun. In the opening the whole staff is putting together a video to post of social media and they all go really full-out.

6. “Is there no limit to what he won’t notice?”

This episode starts with Stanley unknowingly grabbing Jim’s cup of orange juice and drinking it, and yet does not realize it’s not his hot coffee. This makes everyone in the office wonder if there’s anything he will notice so they decide to comedically test and see. This included Kevin dressing up as Phyllis, Andy not wearing a shirt, putting a box over his computer screen, bringing in a horse, and Pam wearing a mustache.

5. Creed becomes boss

In this episode a series of events have happened to where Creed becomes boss. It is just very funny to see him act as if he is very large and in charge.

4. Burnt foot

To start this episode Michael calls in and asks for help, seeming very injured. When he comes in it is revealed that he had burnt his foot on a George Foreman grill because he was trying to make bedside bacon.

3. Fire drill

This openingĀ  is mostly funny because of all the chaos. Dwight decides to test the office on the fire procedures, but decides to not tell them. He sets off the alarm, creates smoke, and locks all doors and windows, creating havoc in the office.

2. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

This will always be a very iconic opening. Jim comes dressed as, and acting as Dwight. It, of course, causes Dwight to get very angry and cause a scene.

1. Asian Jim

Throughout the series the best part is always the pranks. This time, Jim called in his Asian actor friend to come in and act as Jim. When Dwight acknowledges that he is obviously not the real Jim, he tests the man. The fake Jim passes the test. Again to prove him wrong, Dwight holds up a framed picture of Jim with his whole family, just to find that pictured was Pam, the fake Jim, and his two now Asian kids. Pam then comes in and kisses the fake Jim, Sending Dwight into a total spiral.

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