Being the youngest of four amazing siblings


Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Growing up I always have my three older sibling by my side. They are funny, witty, kind, and amazing at almost everything that they do. They always push me to do my best and be the best person that I can possibly be. However, our house was often crazy and we were always busy and attention gets spread thin, so in some ways you always have to strive to do everything right. I wouldn’t give up the experience of growing up with my sibling for anything.

Trevor is the eldest. He attended Slippery Rock University and got a Bachelor of Science in Computing with a concentration on Computer Science. He had an internship at NIH where he worked on 3D printing and 3D computer graphics. Trevor is 27 years old. He did marching band in high school and played the trombone. He is also the brainiac of the family and could tell you the answer to almost any question. He’s always reading– almost constantly. He is the LG representative at Best Buy in Erie and has been Employee of the Month a few times. He has some of the best sales numbers in the country. He is also very good at video games and hacking. It is a good day when one of us other siblings can beat him at Mario Kart or Smash Bros. He has three younger brothers on his dad’s side and he loves being a brother to all six of his siblings. He can tackle almost any problem you throw at him and is very chill.

Frank is the oldest Smrčka child and the most outgoing of all of us. He attended Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship. He is 22 years old. He has a beautiful voice and when he went to PMEA festivals in high school, as all of my siblings did, he made it all the way to All Eastern Choir! He participated in many, many shows at the Erie Playhouse. When in high school he was admired by many of his peers for always being a kind person who would stick up for the underdog. He always made sure to say hi to everyone in the hallways, even the people he did not know. He was even the Snow King! Frank is also good at dancing and was always fun to watch dance growing up. He has a side job as a painter and does beautiful paintings! He studied abroad in Vienna, Austria during his last semester of college because he was far ahead in his studies and wanted to travel. He is smart and kind and he would stick up for anyone that he cares about.

Grace is almost 21 years old and is the third child of the bunch. She attends Mercyhurst University for Music Therapy and is in her third year. A few summers ago she was one of the youngest to attend a trip to Jamaica to work with children who were deaf and blind. She has had many struggles with her health over the years, but she has always stayed strong through them and never let them get her down. In high school she was a track and field athlete and did sprinting. She was also a varsity cheerleader her freshman year of high school. She was a graceful dancer (pardon the pun) and was one of the best dancers that I have ever seen perform. Grace plays the french horn, the guitar, and the piano. When in high school she, like my brother, had a crown and was the prom queen, and she truly deserved it because she’s a queen. She was always a good person to those around her and loved working with the life skills students while in high school. When she did her senior project she, along with a few others, was in charge of cancer awareness week at the school and worked to raise money towards the cause (they raised $797.03!). She has always valued and stuck up for her friends and family and is kind beyond measure.

Overall, they are pretty amazing. They are also very loud, and when we are all home we end up needing our own space because we all have pretty big personalities. Yet, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than when we are all together because we make a great team, though don’t expect us to play any sports because we don’t… really… know… any (except Trevor, but he only watches sports). Our house was chaotic growing up because we were all busy people with dance, band, choir, track, musicals, PMEA festivals, etc. However, we all grew as people through being busy, and though we were all different with different interests, we all enjoyed watching each other accomplish many things in what we do. Being the youngest of the bunch can be stressful because they’re all pretty cool, but in the long run, they are some of the most wonderful people I know. I wouldn’t want to have any other siblings than the amazing, loud, funny siblings that I have.