Boots the Bizarre Cat

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Boots. No, not the shoes, but my cat named Boots. Boots is a grey, white, and black cat who has little white feet (which is where she got her name,) and she can be very mysterious. In 2008, my family and I moved into the house we currently live in and bought a cat named Belle, who is Boots’s mother. Belle later had three litters of kittens and out of the third litter we decided to keep Boots. Belle had her third litter around 2012, which would make Boots about eight years old.

A few of her favorite things to do are scowl and swipe at my dog Bailey, sleep in our living room chair, roll on the sidewalk when it’s sunny, and eat about five times a day. One thing that is also very unique about her is, similar to a dog, she lets you know when she needs to go outside instead of using a litter box, which is pretty convenient. Sometimes when we let her outside she won’t even return for as much as a day or two. She also loves trapping herself in the basement, and getting stuck in the attic.

If Boots was a person, I believe she would be an angry little old lady. She is constantly swatting at your feet and making it very difficult for you to put your own socks on. Also, she is constantly sleeping and gets very upset if you don’t pet her, or feed her, as much as she desires. However, since she is a cat her lifestyle makes sense. Through all the anger and constant need for attention, we love her all the same.