Outgoing Olivia

Outgoing Olivia

It was a chilly November morning right before Thanksgiving when the angels spoke and delivered a beautiful golden girl with the most blazing blue eyes. Specifically, November 17, 2005, was the day Tom and Valerie Jackson were blessed with their second child together, Olivia Berlynn Jackson. Along with Olivia, Tucker (15 years old), Tanner (30 years old), and Vada (26 years old) make up the notorious Jackson clan. Jackson received her middle name from her unknown Aunt Berlynn, she states she doesn’t know her aunt but hopefully she is a good woman. Jackson thrives in the sunlight and warm temps, so she unfortunately doesn’t resonate with the date November 17. She even further commented about her birthday with her Spanish background saying “Hace Frio,” which means it’s cold. She wishes she could have her birthday in the summer so she can have parties at the beach and the pool.

She has resided in the same childhood home for all of her life. In such a familiar environment she is always grounded and at peace when she ventures home after a rough day. She added though her house has seen many stages including various renovations and paint jobs, the newest upgrade is a new front door key pad with fingerprint, where she claims “you not getting in.”

Corry Area High School is where she learns and grows; you can most likely find her doing hair in the Cosmo room, where she truly shines in her element. Jackson enjoys thrifting and reading in her free time, which is rare because she is busy with her Dairy Queen job where she racks up big bucks, or should I say little because she only typically works two times a week. Jackson’s passion, though, is saving little kittens (she is literally Snow White in real life). When she is older she plans on operating a shelter for the little ones with no voices.

For what the future holds for her she wants to educate the youth as a primary school teacher. She is inspired to help the kids by her friends’ parents who are teachers Jill Slocum and Kristi Graves. If plan A fails she always has a backup plan of being a labor and delivery nurse because she loves to give life to things, whether it’s a pair of thrifted jeans or an infant. I asked Jackson what her dream vacation spot was and she enthusiastically replied Bora Bora because she “goin be rich rich and able to afford it.”

Her favorite tv show is “Breaking Bad” and wanted me to put in the remark “I am the one who knocks” (not really sure what that means though). Currently her favorite song is “Water” by Tyla because of how uplifting and empowering the lyrics speak to her. When it comes to colors her top choices are emerald green and pink. She wants to leave the reader with the thought that she is the danger… watch out.

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