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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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The Official Student News Site of Corry Middle High School

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Top 10 named Fortnite locations


As the new Fortnite season kicked off last Friday, we have returned to the “OG” map. I’m going to be ranking my top 10 favorite locations.

10. Snobby Shores-  Snobby Shores is a good drop spot but sometimes it can be contested by where the battle bus goes over. One issue with Snobby is if the storm is far away, you have to run forever.

9. Fatal Fields – Fatal Fields has always been a good drop spot for every game mode, there’s good loot, you’re almost always in the circle, but sometimes there can be a few other teams landing here with you.

8. Greasy Grove – Greasy Grove has been losing its popularity lately because of all its other places around the map, and it has gone through many changes. My favorite part of Greasy Grove is the Durr burger sign.

7. Lazy Links – Lazy Links is a good place to land because of its unique surroundings, and if you don’t want to fight anyone you can play golf on the course.

6. Lucky Landing – Lucky Landing is a very underrated spot to land on the map, not a lot of people land here, so you won’t have a lot pressure on you.

5. Pleasant Park – I like landing in Pleasant Park, but I don’t like the loot rotation enough for it to be top three on my list.

4. Tilted Towers – Tilted Towers is a great spot to land for any game mode; the problem with landing at tilted is the whole lobby lands there.

3. Retail Row – Retail Row is a great spot to land because of the different area where you land: if you land on the house’s side expect a few people to land by you to fight, but if you land on the shopping side of Retail, there will only be a couple people on this side but you should already have enough loot to fight.

2. Paradise Palms – Paradise Palms would be my favorite if it wasn’t on the outside of the map and I wouldn’t have to go so far to get into circle. Overall Paradise has a ton of loot for you and your squad to win the game.

1. Salty Springs – Salty Springs is easily my favorite landing spot for every game mode; there’s a lot of loot, a lot of people land here so most likely your going to be fighting quick if you land here.

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